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Aatru Medical, LLC is a privately held medical device company specializing in developing new technologies designed to improve the healthcare experience for clinicians, patients, families, and caregivers.

Alphyn Biologics.jpg

Alphyn Biologics, Inc. is creating and leading the new class of drugs known as Multi-target Therapeutics, leveraging its unique, patent-pending AB-101 platform biomaterial to develop improved therapies for skin diseases

Aurie logo_edited.jpg

Aurie is an award winning human-centered medical device company developing an automated reusable self-catheter system.

Azura Bio.jpg

Azura Bio makes absorbable surgical solutions for women. They are a leading developer in this field.


BIOHM is one of the world’s leading microbiome companies utilizing microbiome data to empower individuals to live healthier lives


The careMESH healthcare communications platform brings together a national provider directory, admit/discharge notifications, transition of care workflow tools, and secure communications into a single service.

Checkpoint Surgical.jpg

Checkpoint Surgical delivers solutions for the entire continuum of intraoperative nerve care—from nerve protection and assessment, to nerve preparation and repair, to nerve healing and restoration.


Cleveland Diagnostics has developed a breakthrough technology to discover a new class of diagnostics tests with high sensitivity and specificity for many cancers

Deep Brain Innovations.jpg

Deep brain stimulation has been established as an effective therapy to treat motor symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.


Arnon Chait, CEO

Cleveland Diagnostics has developed a breakthrough technology to discover a new class of diagnostics tests with high-sensitivity and specificity for many cancers – early on, when cancer is still curable. It's first product, IsoPSA, meets the chronic unmet need of a simpler, clearer way to rule out unnecessary prostate biopsies.


The company recently announced an agreement with Quest Diagnostics to expand patient access to IsoPSA® prostate cancer testing.


Epic Airway Systems provides advanced airway management solutions that are easy to use and cost effective at providing optimal patient care, while keeping those managing their care safe.


ITM Isotope Technologies Munich SE is a privately owned biotechnology and radiopharmaceutical group of companies dedicated to the development, production and global supply of targeted diagnostic and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals and radioisotopes

New Veiw Surgical.jpg

Advancing the growth of minimally invasive surgery through novel, single-use design approaches to surgical visualization that improve clinical care, streamline process, and reduce costs for healthcare systems worldwide.


NDI is a hybrid venture capital and commercialization firm focused exclusively on innovative neurodevice
technologies that are intended to restore lost neurological function, prevent damage and reduce the painful effects of disease and injury.


OnDeCare reinvents in-home dependent care, providing families a flexible solution to their caregiving needs and businesses a timely employee benefit; while generating jobs to local care, safety, and education professionals.

PI Logo_edited.jpg

Platform Innovations is committed to developing and commercializing minimally invasive surgery (MIS) devices that improve outcomes for patients while benefitting surgeons and healthcare systems.

PreView Logo.jpeg

PreView Medical has developed innovative solutions that improve the detection and treatment of prostate cancer.


RiskLD is the first and only labor and delivery risk management tool designed to address birth malpractice losses.

S4 Medical.jpg

S4 Medical is committed to developing solutions for safer and more effective catheter ablation treatment for atrial fibrillation.


Bill Fuller CEO & Co-Founder

S4 Medical develops solutions for safer and more effective catheter ablation treatment for atrial fibrillation. Approximately 33 million people worldwide are living with AF and 1 million Americans each year are diagnosed with the condition.

Esophageal injury related to ablation energy has been reported in as high as 47% of patients undergoing catheter ablation of AF.

S4’s esolution device is a patented technology intended to safely deviate and protect the esophagus during catheter ablations.


The company secured $5M in July to take their product to market. 


ScriptDrop is the only healthcare IT company specializing in medication access that serves patients in all 50 states.


Sonomotion is a medical device startup that is developing non-invasive solutions for the treatment of kidney stones.

SPR Theraputics.jpg

SPR Therapeutics is a medical device company that provides a drug-free, surgery-free alternative in treating chronic pain. utilizing its proprietary peripheral nerve stimulation (PNS) products.


TPA Stream is an innovative insurance technology company that enables administrators, health insurance brokers, and application developers to deliver best-in-class solutions for their clients.

watershed logo.jpeg

Watershed Therapeutics is developing a platform that provides treatment AND prophylaxis, provides acute AND chronic therapy, delivers larger drug payload, is tolerated better by patients.

-Internet of Things (IOT)-

Bear Analytics.jpg

Bear Analytics is a data analytics firm dedicated to translating data into actionable intelligence for event producers, trade associations, and professional societies.


Content Status is a fully automated digital shelf content auditing & monitoring tool. They allow business teams for retailers, brands and partners to easily add product page auditing to ensure the team that they are efficiently maximizing sales and minimizing returns.


Fandex is the sports stock market where fans can buy shares of a team much like buying shares of stocks. Fandex uses their proprietary algorithms to determine share prices as fans attempt to buy-low, sell-high, and maximize their profits


Return Logic is a return management software that gives companies insights, automated options, and warranty processing. Return Logic can turn returns into exchanges, create revenue from the return process, automate the return process, and grow consumer lifetime value

-Cybersecurity Technology-

cybercon IQ.jpg

CyberconIQ is an innovative solution that enables a company to substantially reduce cyber risk through our Human Cyber Risk Management Platform.

-Agriculture Technology-


Innovafeed believes nature itself has much to offer and teach us, starting with feeding the world of tomorrow with better nutrients - for animals, people and our planet - through insects. At Innovafeed, we are committed to inventing efficient technologies that reproduce Nature's processes on a large scale.

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