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About Us

Headquartered in Cleveland, we source high-quality, high-growth, early and later stage companies across the nation.  We focus primarily in the areas of Medtech, Devices, Therapeutics, Biomarker Diagnostics, Digital Life Science IT Platforms & IT Markets.

SSVP members are proven collaborators with top-tier co-investors nationally and M&A strategics


SSVP’s network has access to premier Midwest, national and global healthcare and technology markets to test market-fit-adoption, regulatory requirements and commercialization outcomes for our target portfolio companies.


  • Deals with proprietary technology “wants” within large addressable markets, not incremental commoditized “needs”.

  • Deals that leverage the current and significant technology healthcare venture opportunities created  by the COVID pandemic response

  • Deals formed through disciplined selection of proprietary technologies undergoing analog to early digital transformation in large, diverse markets

  • Deals that pursue markets of interest based on SSVP members’ expertise or additional expertise from co-partners

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