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Managing Venture Capital as a
Top-Tier Investor & Family Office Experience
Service + Return Performance


Serial Stage Venture Partners (SSVP) is a premier national venture investor network created for individuals and family office investment managers interested in making self-directed venture capital allocations. SSVP primarily invests in early- to late-stage technology and healthcare companies. 

Creating top-tier returns for 21 years

SSVP has generated a 3.6+ X return with a 45% IRR across 3 portfolios investing in 50 companies over the last 21 years. 

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Our goal is to produce top-tier asset returns for members by de-risking their invested capital through disciplined venture economics and syndications. We have built our portfolio with a focus on these three areas:


We source high-quality, high-growth,

early- to late-stage technology and healthcare companies across the nation

as well as internationally in Canada,

France, Germany and Israel.

Our manager and members are proven collaborators with top-tier family offices, regional & national co-investors, M&A/IPO strategics and investment bankers.

SSVP’s network has access to premier Midwest, national and global resources to test market-fit-adoption, and

regulatory /commercialization outcomes to accelerate growth of our target portfolio companies.


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Steve Jones, President and CEO

Platform Innovations is a medical device company dedicated to identifying pain points in minimally invasive surgery (MIS) and developing product solutions to help provide superior outcomes for surgeons, patients and healthcare facilities.

The company’s Novell product is patented in the U.S. and OUS markets and has plans to launch later this year.

VCS Logo.jpeg

Ethan Mandelup, CEO

16 billion injections are administered each year and 2 in 3 children, and 1 in 4 adults, are afraid of needles. 


Vapocoolshot Inc. (VCS) develops and manufactures innovative technology products across multiple verticals, designed to alleviate the pain and anxiety associated with injections.

The company's CoolJect product is FDA cleared and is in market.


VCS is currently raising capital for final development and commercialization of a new product slated to launch in 2024.

PreView Logo.jpeg

Amir Tehrani, President and CEO

Prostate cancer is the 2nd most common cancer in men yet diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer have major limitations.

PreView Medical has developed two systems with AI-powered 3D spectroscopy to improve detection and precisely locate and treat prostate cancer. Products are developed and clinically validated with positive results in a multi-center study. The company is currently raising funding to advance development and commercialization.

Dermasensor image.png
Derma-Sensor Logo.png

Cody Simmons, CEO and Co-founder

Skin cancer impacts 1 in 5 Americans and incidents have increased 44% in the past decade, yet access to Dermatologists and testing is limited.


DermaSensor addresses this concern with a non-invasive, handheld skin cancer detection device that assists primary care physicians in checking patients for skin cancer in seconds, not days.

The DermaSensor device is currently CE Marked and registered and available for sale in Australia and New Zealand and has plans to launch in the U.S. It was awarded Breakthrough Device Designation by the FDA in 2021. 

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